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Over the past 4 years, I’ve had a great streak of not having any issues with my Visas to enter Europe or USA. Unfortunately, this year, thanks to silly admin issues, I was told that I would not receive my Schengen Visa in time to attend the Engage UG event next week.

I can’t begin to explain the disappointment I’ve faced this past week. It took longer than what I thought to get over it. For those of you who don’t know, Engage is a major User Group event that operates from the Benelux (last year it was held in Netherlands). The focus of the event is all things IBM Collaboration Solutions and Analytics. This year, it will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, on the 8th and 9th of May, in the Elisabeth Center.

Thanks to many awesome sponsors, this event is free of charge to anyone who wants to attend, keeping in mind there are limited seats. I do believe there are a few seats available and if you can find the time to attend this event, I encourage you to make the effort, as it is hands down one of the best events I’ve attended.

This year I was privileged to be selected to speak at Engage. My session would’ve been “Optimus XPages 2017: Client-side Programming Gone Loco“. So not only do I not get to attend the event and meet up with many I call friends from around the world, but I also miss out on an amazing opportunity to present at Engage. A real disappointment!!! I just want to thank Theo Heselmans once again for the opportunity that was given to me. I also apologize once again for any inconveniences caused from my side. I trust this will be the best Engage yet and wish you and your team the very best for next week.


Cheers everyone 👋