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At Interconnect in February this year, IBM announced the Cloud Champion program. Nominations have been open for the past 1.5 months and we are now 3 weeks away from it closing.

Basic Rundown of IBM Cloud Champion Program

  • – Nominations close 6th of May 2016
  • – IBM Cloud Champions will be named in June 2016
  • – Those chosen to be IBM Cloud Champions will keep the title for a period of 18 months (aka end of 2017)
  • – The IBM Cloud Champion program relates to the following areas:
  • – Click here to nominate an IBM Cloud Champion
  • – Click here to understand more about the IBM Cloud Champion program, which includes guidelines to help you decide on who to nominate.
  • – Yes, you may nominate yourself ?

The IBM Champion Nomination Form

The Nomination Form is divided into 5 main areas:

  • – Nominator’s basic info
  • – Nominee’s contact info
  • – Nominee’s basic info
  • – Nominee’s community contributions
  • – Nominee’s content creation and product involvement

Some quick tips when submitting nominations:

  • – Not all fields are compulsory, so only fill in what you are comfortable with
  • – When I submit nominations, I usually use the Nominee’s LinkedIn Profile to obtain the basic and social info
  • – References to their works/contributions are usually in their LinkedIn Profile area as well as their Blog


This is a very exciting program that IBM have launched. It broadens on the skill-set required to be considered as part of the program, thanks primarily to Bluemix’s Ecosystem.

I’ll have submitted all my nominations by this week. It would be great if many of you could do the same…it only takes a few minutes really helps IBM with their decision making at the end of the day.

I look very forward to the announcements in June 🙂