Over the past 3 days I’ve been blogging about my experience of taking on the IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle. The reason I’m sending this post via this blog is because I am so impressed with how the competition was designed and how addictive it became, that I’m certain everyone will feel the same if they give it a chance.

But I don’t know Bluemix or Node.js” – you say? Well, the good news is that you don’t really need to know these technologies in order to compete. What you really need to know is JavaScript and JSON. That’s it. Everything else is explained to you.

How does it work?

Firstly, it doesn’t take a lot of your time. The competition is broken up into 6 challenges, with a maximum of 1 hour to complete each challenge. You need to complete each challenge in about 10 minutes to stand a chance. Only 4 challenges are currently open and the other 2 will be unlocked during the next 2 weeks. You need to produce Javascript code and submit it in the fastest possible time. That’s it.

You need an IBM Account in order to compete, which you can register for directly on the competition’s site if you don’t have one.

What are the prizes?

Each challenge has a prize of 1 Smartplane. I’m not too sure which one, but I know there are 6, one for each challenge. Then, the overall prize is 500 Euros which goes to the person with the highest score.

Are there catches?

Well, for me it was difficult understanding what was going on. But, the good news is that I blogged my experience taking on the challenges, so you don’t face the same monsters I did. This will give you a sporting chance of winning one of the challenges or even taking home the prize. So, before you commence with the competition, read the following 3 posts I published on my Bleeding Code Blog:

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 1: Entering the lion’s den

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 2: Preparing for Battle

IBM Bluemix and Node.js Battle – Part 3: I Stand Bleeding Code (Important)


I wish everyone the best of luck and really, give it a try. It won’t take much of your time and it’s really quite addictive.

Have fun everyone 🙂