This is a reach out to everyone who attended IBM Connect to please take a few minutes to complete the session surveys. It really makes a difference to both IBM and the speakers.


IBM have made it ultra easy to submit feedback on the IBM Connect event in general as well as the sessions, whether it be via the “IBM Event Connect” mobile app or via online –

When logged into the mobile app or if online (email address required), you’ll be presented with a number of sessions that, according to the event’s QR Code systems, you’ve attended. The 3 scenarios that occur here are either:

  1. That you didn’t attend the session
  2. That you did attend the session and would like to fill in the survey for that session
  3. That you attended sessions that aren’t listed

In either scenario, you have choices, which are very simple and are explained as follows:

If you didn’t attend a session that is listed

You can simply check the box inside the session entry on the right as shown below:

IBM Connect 2016 Sessions Surveys 1


If you did attend a session and would like to fill in the survey

Click on the “Take Survey” button for the relevant session in the list. You’ll then be presented with 3 simple questions that you need to answer:

IBM Connect 2016 Sessions Surveys


If you don’t see a session you attended

Click on the button “Add Surveys” at the top of the session list. You can then search for the session based on its number, title, description or room. Once you’ve found the session, click on the “Take Survey” button for that session.

IBM Connect 2016 Sessions Surveys



As you can see, even if you attended many of the sessions that took place, you’re looking at a no more than 15-20 minutes filling in the surveys, depending on the detail of feedback you add per session.

I thank you all in advance for participating and wish you an awesome week back from IBM Connect ?