I’ve reached a point where I am amazed at the overall lack of quality and stability of software being released nowadays. I know it’s not just me who thinks but but it seems such a common trend that I had to blog about it and have my say.

On Apple’s side I am disgusted!! I’ve never witnessed so many bugs (in the last 2 years) as I have in total since the 1st iPod came out. What happened to Quality? What happened to Perfection? The very values I would constantly boasted of Apple since I started using it have disappeared. I remember laughing at those who showed off Android and Windows Mobile, thinking to myself: “That’s fine. Keep your Android. Keep your Windows. Just don’t sell it to me”!! But now, Apple are on the bandwagon, following the way of Microsoft.

And speaking of Microsoft, oh the stories i’ve heard!!! I don’t dare even upgrade to Windows 8.1, let alone 10. I’ll stay on Windows 8.0, manage the bugs I currently face and leave it at that. My colleagues constantly upgrade their Windows Operating Systems in hopes that their current problems will disappear. Only to find themselves wasting their weekends, rolling back to the versions they had. And I hear Windows 10 is a required install for those running 8.1? Seriously?

I’m so disappointed at the level of quality on most platforms I use today that I don’t know what to tell myself. Cross platform mobile dev has become a pain in the ***! Web Development has become a pain in the ***! I can’t help but feel that nowadays I have to budget up to 40% of my project’s time just dealing with software platform stability issues and bugs. And for what…so Vendors can release their software updates every week or month or year in hopes of competing?

I don’t mean to target an individual product house, because it’s not  just 1 or 2, but many. All I’m curious to know is…how much longer will buggy software be pushed out before those responsible wake up and realise that they’ve hurt themselves and now need to make a decision?

My vent for the day 🙁