I forget sometimes that many who have taken the path of XPages, are not necessarily existing Domino Developers who understand the Domino Object Model. This is a quick tip on how to take a field value from your XPages App, and compare it with data inside a Notes Database, and more specifically, a Notes View.

The Back-End Database

Let’s say you have a Notes Database with a view called “Fruits“. This view has 1 column called “Fruit Name” and is sorted in ascending order. Inside this view you have a few Notes Documents listed based on the following fruits captured:


The XPage

Next, you have a very simple XPage with a Text Field called “inputFruit“, where a user will enter a fruit name of their choosing. The XPage also has a button called “Submit” and calls the following Server Side JavaScript Function – checkFruits();


The JavaScript Function

Here we create a JavaScript Function called checkFruits(), which will use the value entered and check if it exists in the Notes Database:

Hope this helps 🙂