The other day I found myself needing to access a Notes Database on a Remote Domino Server via SSJS, but for some reason every one of my attempts failed miserably. No error messages written to the Console, no warnings, nothing.

Let’s quickly create a scenario

  • You have 2 Domino Servers: Server1/ACME and Server2/ACME.
  • On both Servers you have a Notes Database called “Test.nsf”.
  • On Server1/ACME you have a Notes Database with an XPage that calls the following SSJS:

  • Now, in the above example, you are trying to access a Notes Database on the same Server. The above code will successfully connect to the Notes Database and print the Database Title to the Server Console.
  • Next up, you have the following code that runs on the same Server:

  • In this example, you are trying to access “Test.nsf” on Server2/ACME, from a Script that’s running on Server1/ACME. This code will fail and will not provide you with any error message. The NotesDatabase Object will simply remain null.

The Reason

In all my years of developing Notes Applications, I never came across having to connect to a Database on a different Server. The reason the connection fails, is because Server1/ACME is not listed as a Trust Server in Server2/ACME’s Server Document in the Domino Directory.

The Solution

To resolve this issue is simple. The difficult part was finding the problem. If you have access to the Domino Directory on Server2/ACME, do the following:

  • Open the Domino Directory (Server Address Book) on Server2/ACME.
  • Under “Configuration”, click “Servers”, then click on “All Server Documents”.
  • Double click on the Server Document you want your code to connect to. (Server2/ACME in this example)
  • Under the Security Tab, in the bottom left section, there is a field called “Trusted Servers”.
  • In my scenario, this field is empty. Following this example, I would add “Server1/ACME” to this field.


  • Save and Close.
  • Restart Server2/ACME.

Once you’ve restarted, your code will successfully connect to “Test.nsf” on Server2/ACME.

Till next time….cheers 🙂