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In this video tutorial, I discuss Appcelerator’s Tab Group control. I also show how to simulate a single Window Application and still make use of features that only a Tab Group or Navigation Group can provide out the box.

This tutorial forms part of my Blog Series called “Appcelerator Mobile Development – Season 1“.

Tab Groups are very important and can take your Mobile App into a new direction. While many are starting to make use of features like the  “Screen Break Menu”, which many apps including Facebook use, understanding the basics of managing multiple Windows in your mobile app is always important.

NOTE: I apologize for messing up my Android Demo. I shouldn’t have added the 3rd Tab as Android frowns on adding Tabs dynamically.

I would like to thank David Leedy for presenting this video as part of his NotesIn9 Video Series.

Please feel free to add comments, suggestions, etc.