In Appcelerator Titanium, when running my app in debug mode, it sometimes takes a few minutes to launch, returning a “Could not start debugger” message. This only happens now and then, so it was a bit difficult to track.

The bad news is that I still can’t seem to find what’s causing the issue. The good news is that I know how to work around it.

What’s causing the problem:

In short, whenever I’m connected to the internet using 3G, my debugger stops working. I would still be able to build and run my mobile app in the iOS Simulator, as long as it’s not in debug mode.

How to work around the issue:

The workaround is to either work offline with your 3G disconnected, or you can connect via Ethernet or W-Fi. I’ve never had any issues running my debugger when offline or connected to a Network. It only seems to be an issue with my 3G connection.

I hope this helps the very few who might face this issue. I’d love some feedback on how to resolve this, but can’t seem to find anything online that can help me.

Cheers for now,