Here’s a quick tip for those who experience continuous crashing of IBM Notes 9 on OSX Mountain Lion.

Before installing IBM Notes 9 Beta on my MacBook Pro, I had Lotus Notes 8.5.3 running. I ran the IBM Notes 9 Beta install without uninstalling Notes 8.5.3. Every time I opened IBM Notes for the first time since starting my machine, it would crash and return an error report. Notes would only successfully open after 2-3 attempts. This happened both with the Beta as well as the official release of Notes 9.

What i decided to try next is completely uninstall Notes before installing a fresh copy. This was very tricky because Notes leaves files in multiple places after an uninstall. The below link will assist you with a complete uninstall.

Click here to see the article: “Uninstalling Notes from a Mac OS X client”

Even after uninstalling and re-installing a fresh copy, the same problem occurred. I checked with the online community and they weren’t getting the same problem. Thankfully, my final attempt worked:


– I uninstalled IBM Notes 9 completely referencing the above link.
– During the new install of IBM Notes 9, I deselected all add-ons except for Social Edition. (I think the IBM Connections add-on was causing the issue)

That’s it. I don’t want to blame IBM Connections for crashing my app, but once removing it, everything worked 100%. It might be that I had IBM Connections installed, but not configured. Who knows.

I hope this helps.

Cheers for now