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Hi everyone. I’m very excited about my next Blogging Project. Over the past year I’ve had some very decent exposure to Mobile Development, whether Phonegap, jQuery Mobile, Dojo Mobile, XPages Mobile Controls, Appcelerator Titanium, etc.

This is a Prologue to some upcoming Video Tutorials that I am grouping together as “Appcelerator Mobile DevelopmentSeason 1“, where I will be showing everyone how to get started with Appcelerator Titanium Development to build native iOS and Android Mobile Applications.

Season 1 will focus on some basic methods of getting up and running with Native Mobile Development. Our focus will be to create a Mobile Application that runs on iOS and Android which allows the capturing of data, some reports and a couple of other nifty features like SplitWindows for iPads, Pull to Refresh Actions for Views, etc.

We will also be integrating this Mobile App with a Basic Domino XPages Application. I’ll show you how to authenticate with Domino, make use of XAgents and REST Services to push and pull information to an from Domino, as well as triggering your business logic on the Domino side for your Workflow Processes.

Finally, I will be showing you what, at the moment, seem to be best practices for developing mobile Apps using frameworks like commonJS, underscore.js, etc. This will allow us to avoid memory leaks and poor performance by making use of a very basic form of MVC Architecture within our Mobile Application.

My next Blog Post will focus on getting you up and running with Appcelerator Titanium and installing the SDKs for iOS and Android.

I would love your comments, feedback and suggestions regarding this venture. Feel free to post comments against this Blog Post or catch me on Twitter.

Cheers for now