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Hi all. So the other day Dojo 1.8 in DDE9 was giving me a bit of grief. Thanks to a neat feature in Notes/Domino 9 I managed to find out why it was complaining.

So the Dojo Library that gets loaded for your XPages Application is minified. This means that when you receive a Dojo error and want to check what it’s moaning about, it’s nearly impossible due to all the Dojo JS code been compressed to 1 line. See below:


Notice that line 15 contains all the Dojo Code in the dojo.js File. Thanks to DDE9, there’s a different way that really helps. Do the following:

1. In DDE9, open up your Application’s XSP Properties, which you will find under “Application Configuration“.

2. Navigate to the Persistance Tab.

3. Select the “Use uncompressed resource files (CSS & Dojo)“.

4. Rebuild your Application.


If you refresh your XPage in let’s say Firefox, you should now see the following in Firebug:


Simple enough, don’t you think?

Hope this helps.