Hi everyone. There seems to be a lot of questions and frustration from many including myself on how best to debug one’s XPages Application.

I have decided to investigate online all possible debugging options that currently exist. As I find them I will list them in this Blog Post. By the end of this weekend I will be finalizing all collected data, and will create a Video Tutorial explaining and demonstrating the preferred methods of debugging. I will also contribute this video to David Leedy for his NotesIn9 Series.

What I am asking from the Community is to please add your 2 cents worth, by commenting on this Blog Post. If you have a better way of debugging XPages apps, or if you have further advice to give on existing findings, please join in and voice your thoughts and opinions.

Below is what I have so far.

Current Debugging Options:

1. Domino Debug Plugin on OpenNTF.org

2. Printing to Server Console using _dump and print() for Server Side JavaScript

3. Printing to Firebug Console for Client Side JavaScript.

4. Writing Log entries to OpenLog Database


Looking forward to your feedback.