Hi Everyone. I recently found a way to have links in the Application Layout that comes with the Xpages Extension Library, to open in their own Window if you so wish. You can see a working example of this on my Xpages Showcase. Below I explain how I achieved this.

Let’s say you created a Footer Link in the Properties of the Application Layout Custom Control called “My Page“, and the href parameter is “http://www.mypage.com“, it would look something like this:

This will work perfectly, except that it will open the URL in the current window, overwriting your Xpage.

So, to open the link in its own window, you will use a simple JavaScript Function: window.open(“http://www.mydomain.com”, “_blank”);

Now, if you try to add this to the href property, it will not work, because it would be regarded as a link and not a JavaScript Function. So, to achieve the desired result, you will need to add the JavaScript Function to the onClick property. Please take note of the following 2 conditions:

1. Make sure that the href property is empty. Otherwise it will take preference over the onClick property.

2. Don’t make the onClick property computed and then add the JavaScript, otherwise it will run the Function as SSJS, which won’t work.

Simply paste the JavaScript Function as a string value in the onClick property. See below:

And that’s it. I hope this all made sense. Until next time….Happy Coding.