Hi Everyone. It brings me great please to announce our first Xpages Interactive Demo. In our Showcase, I demo a Project Manager Report, developed using a Dojo Tree Grid Report. The Grid gets populated using JSON, and all the Business Logic is written in Server Side Javascript.

You’ll see I’m also using the Application Layout Custom Control from the Xpages Extension Library, which you can find on OpenNTF.

A quick Note, if you change the selection from “All Projects” to “Selected Project(s)“, you’ll see Mark Hughes’s View Picklist Custom Control in action.

Click Here to open the Ukuvuma Xpages Showcase. You will get to a login page. Simply enter ‘guest‘ as the Username and ‘guest‘ as the Password. I more than welcome feedback and comments from everyone. Enjoy 🙂

NOTE: This Showcase is hosted in South Africa, and while it will provide an almost real time experience for South Africans, it might take a few seconds to load internationally.

COMING SOON!!! Create Timesheets and Projects using a Xpage Timesheet Dashboard.