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29 Sep 2016

A new chapter begins for NotesIn9



On Monday David Leedy released episode 201 of NotesIn9 which focused on 2 primary points:

  1. The future of XPages
  2. The future of NotesIn9

As far as the future of NotesIn9 is concerned, I couldn’t be more excited and honoured to be one of the producers of the show moving forward, and I congratulate Oliver Busse for being one of the other producers. Thank you David Leedy for this opportunity. I have no doubt that great things are to come for this show.

A Quick Back Story

In this year alone, I had the opportunity to not only become proficient in technologies such as Firebase, the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React.js and Node.js), ES2015, Node-RED, etc., but I also had the chance to apply most of these technologies in real world projects. Those who follow me on the social channels would’ve noticed that I became somewhat quiet around May this year, just after my Webinar on Optimus XPages: Part 2. It was from May that I had to dive into serious deep learning and deliver results almost weekly using technologies I only had ideas about. I’m now thankfully at a sweet spot where I’ve delivered what was promised for the projects that are done, and where I’m now focusing on how to transfer this knowledge with the confidence of its success in the real world. Queue NotesIn9.

My strategy for NotesIn9

My way of thinking when it comes to developing applications has changed drastically. For example, I am no longer pro full-stack strategies, where you use a single platform like IBM XPages or a framework like Angular to develop end to end solutions. I now prefer a much looser approach, where first and foremost, I completely separate UI from the platform it sits on and secondly, I work via integration middleware and APIs to bring everything together into 1 solution. This is great news because I no longer care if I have to develop an application for Microsoft, XPages, Node.js, etc. I now have the freedom do develop a User Experience that I deem is fit, without worrying about any limitations the platform it runs on may have.

Yes there’s the server-side component to consider, but to me that’s never really been the issue when it comes to developing awesome applications. Server-side architectures are solid for the most part, even if they are sometimes outdated. For me, what makes all the difference in the world is:

  1. Am I limited to what User Experience I can offer my client in terms of presentation and performance
  2. Am I limited to what tools I am forced to use to develop the solution

So here’s the good news. The knowledge I plan on sharing with everyone will speed rocket you into new technologies that are being used everywhere by many thousands of developers. You will be able to use most of this technology not only in your XPages applications, but on other runtimes as well. I’m going to show you the beauty of developing for the cloud, designing micro service strategies, integrating with anything and everything, lightening fast user experiences, etc, etc.


All of this will proudly happen through NotesIn9. The best part is, I haven’t even touched on what David, Oliver and many other contributors are going to bring to the table.

So get ready to get your learning on. Keep an open mind and whatever you do, don’t shy away from the new tech. It’s really not that difficult to grasp and will empower you 100 fold in return.

Cheers for now
18 Aug 2016

XPages Tip: Populating Date/Time fields in Notes Docs with Date or Time Only

In your XPages app, you can use an EditBox control and set it’s display type to be a Date/Time control with certain formats. 2 examples are Date only or Time only. This all works great, except when you want to save these values to a Notes Document either via SSJS or Java. The saved values are definitely stored correctly in a Date/Time field, but always contain both a date and time value.


Below is a snippet of an EditBox control set up as a Date Only component in an XPage or Custom control, bound to a Java bean of object type “Date”:

XPage Snippet for Date Only

Your Java logic to save this value to a NotesDocument will look something like this:

DateTime tempDate = null;
tempDate = session.createDateTime(bean.dateOnly);
doc.replaceItemValue("DateOnly", tempDate);

Sadly, in the NotesDocument Field Properties tab, the saved value contains both a date and time:

XPages Date Time Value



Thankfully, the solution is very simple. When you create your DateTime object in either Java or JavaScript, before adding it to the doc.replaceItemValue, do the following:

To remove the time from the Date/Time value:

tempDate = session.createDateTime(bean.dateOnly);
tempDate.setAnyTime();//This removes the time value
doc.replaceItemValue("DateOnly", tempDate);

To remove the date from the Date/Time value:

tempDate = session.createDateTime(bean.timeOnly);
tempDate.setAnyDate();//This removes the date value
doc.replaceItemValue("TimeOnly", tempDate);

The above java example is very similar to what you would do in SSJS as well.
As simple as that :)

13 May 2016

My 2 webinars on Optimus XPages: An explosion of techniques and best practices

I’m happy to announce that both my webinar presentations titled “Optimus XPages” are available for viewing.


The first part focuses on techniques and best practices on a high level, where most of the video is presentation slides with a few short demos at the end.

The second video is a lot more fast-past. Nearly the entire video is live code. I pretty much design an XPages Single Page App from start with explanations of what’s happening along the way.

You can delve straight into Part 2, but I do recommend watching Part 1 if you have another 1.5 hours to spare, as it really gives some great insight to how apps should be developed.

Optimus XPages – Part 1: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices

Optimus XPages – Part 2: The Deep Dive


I trust you will get great value-add out of these videos. I just want to thank TLCC and Teamstudio for giving me the opportunity to present.

See you on the other side :)
3 May 2016

2 sessions in 1 day. A double whammy of XPages & Bluemix

Come this Tuesday the 10th May 2016, I will be presenting 2 online sessions that focus on IBM XPages and Bluemix.

Session times

Title: The XPages of Things – Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities
Event: IconUS
Date and Time: Tuesday 10th May 2016 – 8:15am (CST)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Title: Optimus XPages Part 2: The Deep Dive
Event: TLCC Online Webinar
Date and Time: Tuesday 10th May 2016 – 10:30am (New York Time)
Duration: 90 Minutes

The XPages of Things – Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities


In this session John will take you through a gripping LIVE demonstration where he pieces together an “Integrated Circuit of Services”, binding an on-premise XPages application with the IBM Bluemix cloud. Learn how to implement Web Sockets for real-time communication; use Watson services to improve user experience, and more.

Join this session and discover how your applications can easily leverage services on the Bluemix cloud to expand on what’s currently possible in XPages.


I’ve been extremely fortunate with this session proving both exciting and successful this year. I show off how easy it is to get up and running with Bluemix integration via on premise software platforms like XPages. Warning…this session is fast-paced, exciting, and most of it is live demonstrations…so if you were hoping for lengthly slide presentations….my apologies ?.

To attend this online session, you need simply register on IconUS’s website, which is free of charge thanks to some awesome sponsors.

I really hope to have you all join in my session. I know it will be worth your time ?.

Optimus XPages Part 2: The Deep Dive


In this webinar, John Jardin will continue his series “Optimus XPages – An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices”, by providing an end-to-end Deep Dive demonstration on how to apply the methods described in the previous webinar from March, 2016. This follow-on webinar is for the more technical person…a fast paced demo showing off the design and coding, where everything will be explained on the fly.

John will start with a brand new XPages design and end off with a Cloud ready, single page application. Not enough you say? Fear not. John will end the webinar with some easter egg give aways that you don’t want to miss!


I received great feedback from my 1st webinar title “Optimus XPages – An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices“. That been said, the general feedback what that it was a touch high level, leaving many wondering how to achieve the techniques and practices I mentioned. Well, next week you’ll have the answer.

I will take the core messages from my initial webinar and present them in a live session, showing off the code and practices I used to develop XPages applications. This will be a pretty intense session, as I show off everything live and explain on the fly.

So, if you feel like joining me in this challenge, you can click here to register. I just want to thank TLCC and Teamstudio for giving me this opportunity to present ?.

See you all next week Tuesday ?.
11 Apr 2016

“XPages on Bluemix” is officially a Space on the XPages Knowledge Base

Yup, thanks to an article published today by yours truly ?, the “XPages on Bluemix” Space is officially active on the XPages Knowledge Base.

This is in no way near where OpenNTF want the XPages Knowledge Base to be, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. For those who don’t know what the Knowledge Base is, click here for more info.

The first XPages on Bluemix Article

The first article is titled Quick Facts about running XPages on Bluemix. The idea behind the article is simple: To provide the community with a quick-to-reference list of the pros and cons of running an XPages application on the Bluemix cloud. I’ve populated a number of positives and negatives and will most likely be updating this article frequently.

This marks the first of many articles to make their way to “XPages on Bluemix” Space. I will be counting on a few contributors to help me make this a reality, but have no fear, much is already in store ?.

Call To Arms

As always, I implore everyone to please contribute in any way possible. For those who don’t have the time to publish articles, you can easily add value by commenting and providing feedback. The article Quick Facts about running XPages on Bluemix is a great place to start. Either comment on this blog post or if you have an OpenNTF account, you can log into the XPages Knowledge Base and provide feedback directly against the article.

What I’m looking for here is everyone’s questions, suggestions and concerns relating to XPages on Bluemix. I’m planning additional articles that will structure this content to be easily referenced by all. The more transparency we have as a community the better.

Thanks in advance everyone. See you on the other side :)