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25 Oct 2011

Ukuvuma welcomes its newest Xpage to the Showcase – The Timesheet Dashboard

Hi Everyone. Well, here it is. I promised this yesterday, but I decided to include a Video walk through of the Timesheet Dashboard, and I struggled a bit to get the Dojo Accordion Control to work in IE7 & 8. Thanks Paul Withers for your help.

In this Blog Entry, I explain the technical features of the Timesheet Dashboard. To test out the Timesheet Dashboard, click here to open up the Ukuvuma Xpages Showcase. Additionally, you can watch the below video which gives you a walk through of the Timesheet System in our Xpages Showcase.



The idea behind the Timesheet Dashboard, is to allow Users to quickly Add, View and Edit their Timesheets without having to navigate away from the Page or wait for the Page to reload. This is where Xpages is very powerful. once the Users Timesheets are added, they can then navigate to the Project Manager Report and view their captured timesheets per Project.


The Timesheet Dashboard makes use of the following additional Custom Controls that aren’t shipped with Domino 852:

  • Dojo Accordion Container + Pane – Used to separate General Details from Claim Details – ( Xpages Extension Library )
  • Tooltip Control – Used to create Tooltip Popups when hovering over Information or Help Icons – ( Xpages Extension Library )
  • Dialog + Dialog Button Bar – Used to Edit Timesheet Records in the Repeat Control – ( Xpages Extension Library )
  • View Picklist Control – Used to select Projects for the Timesheet Document – ( Mark Hughes )
Over and above these controls, I also use a Repeat Control with a Pager to display already captured Timesheets.
  1. The Dojo Accordion Container does not work properly in IE7 and 8 if you do not specify a height in the Style Properties.
  2. Add a Panel to each Accordion Pane and then add your content into the Panel.
  3. Make sure that your Tooltip Controls refresh if the controls they are mapped to are refreshed. If not, they lose their binding to the mapped Control.
I trust you will enjoy, and please as always, feel to provide as much feedback as you want.
Many Thanks
25 Oct 2011

Ukuvuma Xpages Showcase – The Project Manager Dojo Grid

Hi Everyone. It brings me great please to announce our first Xpages Interactive Demo. In our Showcase, I demo a Project Manager Report, developed using a Dojo Tree Grid Report. The Grid gets populated using JSON, and all the Business Logic is written in Server Side Javascript.

You’ll see I’m also using the Application Layout Custom Control from the Xpages Extension Library, which you can find on OpenNTF.

A quick Note, if you change the selection from “All Projects” to “Selected Project(s)“, you’ll see Mark Hughes’s View Picklist Custom Control in action.

Click Here to open the Ukuvuma Xpages Showcase. You will get to a login page. Simply enter ‘guest‘ as the Username and ‘guest‘ as the Password. I more than welcome feedback and comments from everyone. Enjoy :)

NOTE: This Showcase is hosted in South Africa, and while it will provide an almost real time experience for South Africans, it might take a few seconds to load internationally.

COMING SOON!!! Create Timesheets and Projects using a Xpage Timesheet Dashboard.

22 Oct 2011

A full day of Xpages and Dojo

Good day/evening all :)

As I had hoped, I had an awesome 10 full hours of XPages today. What a learning curve for the most part. I made the decision this morning to investigate and manipulate some of the Controls in the XPages Extension Library. Sadly, I found a defect as well as an inconsistency.

First and foremost, a big SALUTE to the XPages Community for supporting me today. You guys make programming in XPages such a joy.

Today I created a Travel Requisition Dashboard, which is made up of the following:

The defect I found was in the Dojo Tab Container. It works well for the most part, but if you enable the “Closable” Property in the Dojo Tab Pane, you will experience a hiccup now and then. Essentially, if you try to close a tab when that tab is inactive (i.e. if you’re currently viewing another tab), the tab will be removed in the UI, but not in the backend, which just messes up your entire page. I will be logging this on OpenNTF soonest and hopefully the guys will sort it out soon.

Then, I used the Extension Library Dialog Control, and inside it, I added the Dojo Accordion Container with the Button Dialog. After much troubleshooting, I finally got it working in Firefox, but sadly not in Chrome or IE. I had to wash my hands off the Dialog Control for now.

Then, thanks to Jeremy Hodge and Mark Hughes, I got the ZetaOne Modal Dialog working on my Page. It took a little while initially, but once I got it up and running, I added the Accordion Container, and guess what….My first test was successful on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Now that’s what I call POWER CODE.

To sum it up, it’s Friday 10:30pm, and it’s been a Power Day. I look forward to chilling a bit this weekend. New Zealand play France tomorrow.

Have a good weekend all.


22 Oct 2011

Weekly Wrap Up For – 15th August 2011

Hi Everyone. This be’ith my 2nd Weekly Wrap Up. A very quiet week on the personal side, but a fun one in the work force.


1. Wrap Up (Personal Life) – A wrap up of events that occurred in my personal life for the past week

2. Wrap Up (Work Life) – A wrap up of events that occurred in my work life for the past week

3. Why this week Mattered – Events that occurred in my week that I feel made a difference in my Personal and Work life.

4. Forecast for the following week – My general plan for the following week that i’ll most likely blog about.

5. Conclusion – A final Thought.

1. Wrap Up (Personal Life)

So, the Sharks won their game against the Leopards this weekend in the Currie Cup Tournament. That makes 5 out of 6 this season, and they’re positioned second on the Log with the Lions first. Well done to the Springboks ending their last Test Match before the World Cup with a pretty good win. It scares me that they weren’t able to score 1 try in the game, but Morne Steyn’s boot held true, and 18 points were put on the Score Board as a result.

I seem to have a little bad luck when it comes to property maintenance. My 1 rental unit apparently needs painting, my 1 tenant blew the electric box at one of my other units, and I’m sitting with a leaky toilet and overheating stove. Belive it or not, all of this happened in pretty much 1 week. Oh well.

Other than that, got to spend some quality time with the Mrs yesterday, which is always awesome.

2. Wrap Up (Work Life)

Ah, this was a fun week. Firstly, my Video on Mark Hughe’s View Picklist Custom Control became very popular on Thursday. Many out there were thankful and got value out of it. Well done Mark on an awesome Custom Control, and good luck in the OpentNTF Development Contest.

I went live with 3 small project implementations this week. All 3 couldn’t have  gone smoother. Everything  just worked. To top it off I’m still learning a lot, which is always a blessing.

One of my clients received their Xpages Project Proposal from me this week. Let’s see what happens with that. I spec’d a fantastic solution that will boast Xpages capability.

Our Staff meeting on Friday went very well. The company is seriously growing in the right direction, and we’ve done so much in the past few months. It’s so good to see the team excited and willing to be part of this. There will be some challenges, but I can’t wait to see where we stand at the end of 2011. Ouch, it’s already almost September.

Finally, late Friday night I released our brand new Xpages Showcase, and what a success so far. Thanks for all great feedback and awesome suggestions, and to top it off, it’s still the weekend. I look forward to more feedback this coming week. The showcase contains a simple Dojo Tree Grid Report for now, but a lot more will be added in the near future, so stay tuned.

3. Why this week Mattered

This was a very rewarding week. The 3 live implementations needed to happen, and I’m so glad they went smoothly.

It was also important that we had our Company Staff Meeting. We’re so busy lately that it’s tough to get everyone together just to give strategic feedback.

Then, finally the launch of the Ukuvuma Xpages Showcase is something i’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’m really glad that’s now at least live, and I can’t wait to add more functionality.

4. Forecast for the following week

I start off my Monday with a meeting at one of my clients to discuss Xpaging some of their Notes Applications. WOOSAH!!!

We’ve upgraded our Internal Helpdesk to Xpages, and needs a touch more testing before we go live with it, which must happen this coming week.

I will be creating and releasing a new Video Tutorial based on the new View Picklist Custom Control which got released this week. You can see a working example of this control on the Ukuvuma Xpages ShowcaseNote: In the showcase, run the Report for Selected Project(s) to see the View Picklist.

5. Conclusion

Times are very exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens this coming week. I welcome anyone to share their working weeks if they so wish. Other, enjoy.