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5 Jul 2013

Appcelerator Tip: What to try if debugger does not launch or times out

In Appcelerator Titanium, when running my app in debug mode, it sometimes takes a few minutes to launch, returning a “Could not start debugger” message. This only happens now and then, so it was a bit difficult to track.

The bad news is that I still can’t seem to find what’s causing the issue. The good news is that I know how to work around it.

What’s causing the problem:

In short, whenever I’m connected to the internet using 3G, my debugger stops working. I would still be able to build and run my mobile app in the iOS Simulator, as long as it’s not in debug mode.

How to work around the issue:

The workaround is to either work offline with your 3G disconnected, or you can connect via Ethernet or W-Fi. I’ve never had any issues running my debugger when offline or connected to a Network. It only seems to be an issue with my 3G connection.

I hope this helps the very few who might face this issue. I’d love some feedback on how to resolve this, but can’t seem to find anything online that can help me.

Cheers for now,
21 Nov 2012

Check the Eclipse version of your Lotus Notes 8 Client

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d blog this quickly. I wanted to check which version of Eclipse is being used for my Notes 8.5.3 FP1 Client and it was a touch tricker than expected. Thanks to Nathan T Freeman, I now know where to find this:

1. Open your Notes Client and click on “HelpAbout”.

2. Click on the “Plug-in Details” button.


















3. Sort the “Plug-in Name” Column and search for “Eclipse UI”. You will see the version in the Version Column. In my case it’s version 3.4.2……



This is baseline for determining the overall version of Eclipse that’s used for Lotus Notes.


Hope this helps.


1 Nov 2012

Notes Classic vs Notes for Eclipse. A glass case of emotions

The past few days I’ve been involved with quite a lot of Std Notes Development. Waking up this morning I realized that working in Notes 8 Eclipse, as awesome as what it is for many reasons related to XPages, has come at some cost. I’ve been working on a Project that required no XPages Development, and decided to run Notes 8 Classic just to get a feel for it. In doing so, i’ve identified the following that makes me frown daily:

1. The Speed

DDE (Domino Designer in Eclipse) is quite a bit slower than Designer 8 Classic or prior releases. Every time I open DDE for the first time I go make myself some coffee so that it can finish up whatever it’s trying to do. DDE is also less responsive to what i’m used to in prior releases of Notes. Every time i click on something there’s this delay before it reacts.

2. The Build

Ok, this is probably the bane of my existence. How I miss the days of “Modify, Save, Preview”. Now, it’s “Modify/Save/Build/Preview/Hmm, it must have not built properly/Build again/Preview/Dammit, now what!!!/Clean/Build/Preview/Finally! I’m all for XPages but there’s got to be a better way. It’s gotten worse lately where if I have a Local Replica where I design all my changes, then build and replicate with the Server, 60% of the time I have to open the Replica on the Server and re-build, which sometimes takes up to 3 minutes depending on size, etc. This has given me massive amounts of frustration and unnecessary time wasted.

3. The Crashes

It almost feels like DDE is in a bad mood by default, until you can somehow convince it otherwise. I had to install Subversion in DDE on multiple machines the other day. 5 out of the 6 machines resulted in their DDEs crashing and none of them for the same reason. I couldn’t believe my luck. 5 out of 6. Is this the cost of having functionality like XPages, Source Control, etc?


I apologize that this is not one of my more positive Blog Posts, but I realized this week what a joy it was to work in Classic Domino Designer. Yes, sure Eclipse brings a lot to the table, but most definitely not for free.

I’d love to hear feedback from everyone on their experiences. Maybe this post could result in finding a way to have DDE Perform the way we all want it to.




11 Aug 2012

TIP: When receiving warnings of Modules not loading In Titanium Appcelerator

Hi Everyone. Just a quick tip for the following scenario:

If you’re busy building an App using Titanium Appcelerator, you might run into an issue where the Build is successful, but when testing on an iPhone Simulator, you start getting error messages about Modules not loading or cannot perform operation because of an invalid method passed to UIModule, etc. Below is an example:

[WARN] attempted to load: TiUIScrollableViewProxy – invalid method (createScrollableView) passed to UIModule (Note: Other modules may apply)

A very possible fix to this, one which has worked for me all the time so far, is to Clean the Project before building it.

Note: Don’t go and clean the Project every time before building, just when suspicious errors occur.


Hope this Helps. Cheers for now.


23 Jul 2012

Important note if building an XPages application gives dodgy results

Hi everyone. So I’ve been faced with a dumb problem these past few days where if I build an XPages application, it feels like not all the changes I made get noticed by the build.

I also sometimes get Java Errors on stuff I know works. I usually manage to fix this by opening, saving and closing the Java Classes. Obviously not the preferred practice.

Thanks to Jesse Gallagher, who pointed out a hidden setting, this has resolved most of my issues. When I say hidden, i mean it’s not visible in the Standard Application Properties of your XPages Application in Domino Designer.

Do the following:

1. Open your Application in Domino Designer.

2. Expand your Application in the Package Explorer. (Note: If you don’t have the Package Explorer, change your Designer Perspective to XPages)

3. Expand WebContent, then WEB-INF, and double click on This will open up what looks like your Application Properties Form.

4. Under the Timeouts section, select the Option “Refresh entire application when design changes“.

5. Save, Close and Build.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to feedback from Dan O’Connor and Scott Horwood, it seems my Java error is an actual problem in Domino 853, and is resolved by upgrading to 853 FP1. Thanks Guys for the feedback.

And that should do the trick. It seemed to worked for my current problem. According to Jesse it was a property introduced in Notes/Domino 853.

Thanks again Jesse for pointing this out.

Cheers all.