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20 Jul 2012

A quick example of the Dynamic Content & Data View Controls used in an XPages App

Hi Everyone. I’ve finally made some time to test out a few features from the XPages Extension Library. It was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s looking good.

Click here to view a Demo of these Controls.

I apologize in advance if there’s a small delay when using this App. It’s been hosted on a Server in South Africa…so the Internet Line is to blame.

Anyways…below is a list of Controls I’m using in the XPages App:

1. On top you’ll see the XPages Debug Control that was created by Mark Leusink and is available on OpenNTF. It’s very cool in the sense that it allows you to print messages directly to the Control and not via the Server Console. It also allows you to see all Scoped Variables that are being used in the XPage. Finally, it has an awesome feature where you can execute SSJS Scripts and view the result. I am very happy with this Control.

2. I’m using the Application Layout to control the Look and Feel of the XPage. It’s always a massive time saver. Click here to view the Video from NotesIn9 that explains the Application Layout in more detail.

3. in the Left Section I’m using the Navigation Control made available in the XPages Extension Library. This was a trick and a half, but I managed to use Partial Refreshes for all my onclick events. This allows me to use 1 XPage and multiple Custom Controls.

4. Depending on loading time, you might see the XPage go into Standby during the Partial Refresh. This is thanks to the Standby Custom Control which is available for download from OpenNTF. This is an awesome feature that needs no additional resources to function.

5. I have 2 views in the Main Content Section. These are Data Views that I am using from the XPages Extension Library. It’s safe to say that I am currently using very basic functionality from the Data View. There’s a lot more that you can do with it.

6. The 2 Data Views exist in a Dynamic Content Control, also from the XPages Extension Library. I won’t go into too much detail about this except that the Dynamic Control keeps your XPage light, and only loads Controls when they are needed. Very awesome stuff.

I am quite happy with what I’ve achieved in the last 3 hours. I had to put a few hacks in place to make everything work with Partial Refreshes, but all in all it was quite easy to implement.

I highly recommend the XPages Extension Library Book. It’s a life saver.

Till next time. Enjoy :)

28 Oct 2011

Xpages Video Tutorial: How to use the New V3 View Picklist Custom Control

Hi everyone. Well, good news, we have another Video Tutorial for you. A while ago I released a video where I demoed how easy it was to implement the View Picklist Custom Control into one’s XPage.

In this new Video Tutorial, I give a similar demo, but I focus on the Version 3 Picklist Control, which introduces 2 additional controls:

– The Loading Mask, and

– The Deselect Field.

These 2 controls together with the Picklist Custom Control really beef up the user experience on one’s XPage. You can test out this functionality by going to our Online Xpages Showcase. I use the Picklist Control for both the Project Manager Report as well as the Timesheet Dashboard.

I firstly want to thank Mark Hughes from for creating this awesome control. I use it quite often, and it only made sense when Mark released the new version, that I contribute by creating a video for it.

Secondly, I want to thank and congratulate everyone who contributed Custom Controls to, whether as part of the Development Contest or just because. You’ve really given the XPages community a massive boost by providing awesome re-usable Controls for our Application Development.

Finally, a thank to David Leedy from for hosting this Video as part of your Screen Cast Series. We all know how busy you are, and I thank you for your continuous commitment to the Community.

So, without further adieu, here is the Tutorial. I trust you will enjoy, and I welcome any feedback you may have. You can find me on Twitter @John_Ukuvuma.

NOTE: In this tutorial I make mention of a video that Mark Hughes released a while ago which explains how to enable Type Ahead and Searching for the Picklist Custom Control. Be sure to check this video out on

NOTE: The second OpenNTF Development Contest was recently launched. If you are an XPages Developer, you’re welcome to participate. There are some cool prizes up for grabs.

NOTE: Be sure to catch more great videos at or