Good day everyone.

I am glad to announce that whilst I will not be presenting at IBM Connect this year, I will be hosting a “Birds of a Feather” (BOF) session on Tuesday morning at 7:00am. The Session’s name is “BOF206 IBM XPages and Appcelerator – A Marriage Made in the Clouds” and will be held at the Swan Hotel.

So the difference between an IBM Connect Presentation and a BOF Session is pretty simple:
A BOF Session is similar to a “Round Table” or “Chalk Board” meeting, where everyone attending gets to join in and voice their opinions, ideas and concerns around the Session’s Topic. I must say I do prefer this type of set up because I get to engage with the audience.

Below is the Session’s Agenda:

Web Applications vs Native Applications

I explain the difference between Mobile Web Apps and Mobile Native Applications, as well as their pros and cons.

Technologies and Frameworks used to create Mobile Web Applications

I talk about the JavaScript Frameworks used to create Mobile Web Applications including Dojo, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Twitter Bootstrap, etc.

Skills required to create Mobile Native Applications

I give a quick overview of what is required to create Native Mobile Applications for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

What is Appcelerator Titanium

Here I give an overview of how Appcelerator Titanium works and the features that it offers.

Appcelerator Titanium vs other Mobile Native Wrappers

I compare Appcelerator Titanium to other Mobile Native Wrappers like Phonegap, Corona, etc.

Integrating Appcelerator Titanium with XPages

I explain how to create XAgents in XPages which will be used to receive data from Appcelerator Titanium, process the Business Logic and send data back.

Creating a mobile strategy that works

In this final Topic, I bring together everything mentioned above  and discuss the choices I made and the Technologies I decided to use to implement a Mobile Development Strategy for businesses.

My goal with this Agenda is to share my past year’s experience and discuss Appcelerator and other complimenting technologies, which will assist in providing a way forward for hopefully all who attend.

Hope to see you there :)