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29 Feb 2012

TUTORIAL: Integrating XPages with DB2 – Part 1

Hi everyone. I’m happy to announce a Video Tutorial where I explain how to integrate one’s XPages Application with DB2 directly, and not through back-end Forms and Views.

The trick here is to have a bit of JDBC understanding, as well as a basic understanding of Relational Databases and SQL Query.

To work with this Video Tutorial, you’ll need to have the following in place:

1. An installed version of DB2. This can be DB2 Express as well, which is free – Click here to download.

2. An installed version of Domino Designer 8.5.3. I tested everything on my Domino Server, but there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work using your local HTTP session for Domino Designer – Click here to download.

3. An UpdateSite to install OSGI Plugins on Domino Server. NOTE: The UpdateSite database gets used for Domino Servers, and will not work for your local environment. To test everything using your Local HTTP, you’ll need to install the OSGI Plugins manually. You do this by extracting the contents of the Plugins Zip File to the Notes Data Directory, under “domino/workspace/applications/eclipse” folder.


Click here to view the Tutorial on how to setup the UpdateSite database and deploy OSGI Plugins on your Domino Server.


4. With reference to point number 3, Install the XPages Extension Library and JDBC Driver Plugins.

Download XPages Extension Library

Download JDBC Driver


5. Once you’ve deployed your plugins to your Domino Server, you can type in the following Commands to check if the Plugins were installed properly:

XPages Extension Libary:

tell http osgi ss

JDBC DB2 Plugin:

tell http osgi ss extlib.driver.db2

The Domino Server should return information relating to the plugins you installed.


6. Here’s a copy of the Code that needs to be added to the db2.jdbc file that I speak about in the Video



7. Here’s a copy of the Code that I use in the Video to add/remove/update and delete data in DB2

var mydata = {
LAST_NAME: “Jardin”

@JdbcInsert(“db2″,  “JJARDIN.USERPROFILES”, mydata)
var mydata = {
LAST_NAME: “Smith”

@JdbcUpdate(“db2″, “JJARDIN.USERPROFILES”, mydata, “ID=?”,1)


I trust you will enjoy this Video. A Big thanks to David Leedy for making the video part of his NotesIn9 Series, and congrats once again on his recent milestone of 100 000 Views.

Also, another Big Thanks to the Domino and XPagees community, for always been available to assist wherever help is needed.




23 Feb 2012

Calling XPages Community to help with Advice on Debugging Xpages Apps

Hi everyone. There seems to be a lot of questions and frustration from many including myself on how best to debug one’s XPages Application.

I have decided to investigate online all possible debugging options that currently exist. As I find them I will list them in this Blog Post. By the end of this weekend I will be finalizing all collected data, and will create a Video Tutorial explaining and demonstrating the preferred methods of debugging. I will also contribute this video to David Leedy for his NotesIn9 Series.

What I am asking from the Community is to please add your 2 cents worth, by commenting on this Blog Post. If you have a better way of debugging XPages apps, or if you have further advice to give on existing findings, please join in and voice your thoughts and opinions.

Below is what I have so far.

Current Debugging Options:

1. Domino Debug Plugin on

2. Printing to Server Console using _dump and print() for Server Side JavaScript

3. Printing to Firebug Console for Client Side JavaScript.

4. Writing Log entries to OpenLog Database


Looking forward to your feedback.



16 Feb 2012

TIP: Changing Window Perspectives in Lotus Domino Designer

Hi everyone. Have you ever experienced working on an Application in Domino Designer with your team, and when they create new design elements it doesn’t show up on your side, forcing you to remove and re-open the Database Bookmark?

Another scenario is if you decide to change your Design Perspective from XPages to Domino Designer in order to view design elements such as Outlines, Pages, etc….only to sit there wondering why these designs aren’t showing.


This was never an issue in earlier versions of Domino Designer (prior to Eclipse Designer), but the good news is that you can sort this issue out in 2 simple steps.


Step 1 – Right Click on your Database’s Bookmark, and click on “Refresh“.

Step 2 – Make Coffee.


I hope this makes Domino Designer a friendlier Development Environment for you. Until next time.